$1450 Pay in Full ($500 OFF)

Fully Alive- Pay in Full Early Bird

We Start September 21st

What you'll get:

  • 8 live coaching calls (6 content calls and 2 open coaching calls)
  • Empowering action steps each week
  • Voxer support throughout the program, so you basically have a coach in your pocket for 8 weeks. 
  • A community of likeminded women to support and celebrate you every step of the way. 


*Price Goes Up August 21st*

What People Are Saying:

" I have learned some of this before, but it is landing differently in the way that Bridget teaches and I am able to actually apply it to my life and my relationships"

" Thanks for such a great call. I never knew this was why I was showing up this way and now I can first of all understand what is really going on, but also I am able to now clearly communicate this experience to my husband which has been huge for us". KS