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Hi! I’m Bridget


I am so glad you are here. I want to start by sharing my story and how I got here. Five years ago, from the outside looking I appeared to have it all. My life was amazing.  I had a great job, a husband that was present, and 4 beautiful healthy kids. I was blessed to be both a stay-at-home mom during the week and a full-time nurse on the weekends.


It looked like I was managing it all, but I was miserable inside. 


I was not taking time to care for my body, mind, and soul. Instead, I was constantly overthinking and over worrying. I was stuck in this loop of feeling terrible in my life and constantly blaming other people for my own misery. I felt out of control because I was giving all of my control and power away.  I was walking around angry, anxious and overwhelmed. I couldn't enjoy my life because I was not able to be fully present to it. I lived from the neck up (in my head), connected only to my judgements and limiting beliefs. I was completely disconnected from my body and my intuition and my desires. For years my only coping tool was wine. 


While I didn't quite hit rock bottom, I was headed there. I knew something had to change. 


In 2019 I chose to explore what life would be like sober, and while it wasn't easy at first, it became the catalyst to me discovering a whole new way of living. While drinking led to a lot of problems, it was not my biggest problem. My biggest problem was my thinking and the way I saw the world. I was completely disconnected from my power and ability to create the life I wanted. I knew I had a good life, but inside literally felt numb. I had lost myself somewhere along the way.


Learning to master my thoughts and manage my emotions led me down a path that I am forever grateful for. I am no longer just surviving my life, but I truly am in love with the life I have built. I have waited my whole life to feel like this. And now my mission is to help more women get here with ease and support along the way.


The tools I learned through coaching helped me reconnect and remember who I had always been. My coaching style is unique because I use both a mind, body, and spirit approach. It feels so good to finally show up wild and free of all the pressure and all the stories that no longer serve me. It has allowed me to be ME and create a life I deeply love.  And now I get to help women find their own version of freedom through helping her Find Her Wild! 


The Mission of FHWC is to help women connect to themselves, their purpose, and to those in their life!