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Find Her Wild Coaching: Empowers women who feel lost and unfulfilled to become wildly turned on by life again so that she can deepen her connection with herself, her purpose, and others! 

Find Her Wild Coaching helps women move past limiting beliefs and emotional block so that she can remember who she is and create a life she loves!!! 



I help the woman who knows she has a great life and so much to be thankful for, but she just doesn't feel in love with it. She is wondering " Is this really all there is?" She feels like she has lost herself and her joy. She is surrounded by family and friends but feels lonely and unseen inside. 


Before coaching, my clients struggle with feeling:

  • Unsupported in their marriage and other relationships. 
  • Overwhelmed and burnt out. 
  • A sense of failure in their role at home or in the workplace.
  • A lack of purpose.
  • Reactive and impatient over little things.
  • Disconnected to their kids and partner.
  • Guilty for taking time to relax or play.
  • Frustrated by the people in your life.
  • Exhausted.....all the time!


After coaching with me, my clients report feeling: 

  • Fully seen and supported in their relationships.
  • Balanced between work, play and rest.
  • Present to the small moments of their life and to the people in it.
  • Less stress and overwhelm overall.
  • Confident in creating boundaries to protect what matters most. 
  • Less triggered and reactive to the people in their life. 
  • More empowered to ask for what they need in a way that creates more connection.
  • Connected to their own sense of self-worth that completely eradicates guilt. 
  • Less anxious and calmer. 
  • Energetic throughout their days at work and at home. 
  • Truly in love with their life and the people they share it with. 


If this sounds like something you need to, you are in the right place. I have helped hundreds of women create this shift and experience true joy from the inside/out. 


I am so passionate about helping women create a life that lights them up from the inside!

You don't have to wait for the outside world to change to feel how you want to feel. You get to experience your deepest desires NOW!

What are you waiting for?

Check out what other women are saying.

"A big AHA after working with Bridget is to not label myself. I always thought I was an anxious person, not someone that is experiencing anxiety. It’s so true that when you put yourself in a box, you tend to stay there. I haven’t had a single day of anxiety since. Through your coaching, I learned how to better handle my triggers and emotions and take time to think before reacting. I also speak kindly to myself and don’t put pressure on myself in certain areas which has released a lot of the anxiety I used to have"  Carrie

" I started working with Bridget to deal with the stressed of motherhood and starting my own coaching business. I didn't realize how much I was letting my thoughts run the show. Bridget helped me take back my power and my time. I am so incredibly grateful for skills as a coach and kindness as a friend. I am excited to renew and continue working with her" Elli

" I have been sober for a long time. I learned more with Bridget in just our first session then all of my work in AA and therapy combined. My husband and friends have noticed a difference after just a little bit of time with Bridget". Emily

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